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BT400 G5

21, 2005

Review by: Adam Z Lein, Senior

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When you first see the
Bluetake G5, it looks a bit fishy. It actually is
shaped like a fish, and the three color schemes are
named after fish… except for the Dolphin, which is
of course a mammal. There’s even a symbol painted on
the tail of the Bluetake G5 that means “fish.”
I’m not sure what this has to do with Bluetooth
Headsets, but I would not recommend going swimming
while wearing the Bluetake G5. This is a device
that’s mean to clip onto your ear pinna so that you
can carry out voice conversations through a Bluetooh
enabled phone.


Most other ear-loop style bluetooth
headsets just kind of hang over the pinna. The
Bluetake G5 has an interesting mounting method that
kind of clips onto the ear pinna, yet remains quite
comfortable. The speaker is not located directly in
front of the ear canal either. In this headset, the
speaker is directed into the upper part of the ear
and the sound filters into the ear canal. This
leaves the ear canal area open to receive other
outside sounds. In other words, the Bluetake G5
doesn’t impair your ability to hear in any way.


Bluetake G5 headset is quite well built. When the
headset is off, holding down the power button until
the light begins rapidly blinking red and blue puts
the device in pairing mode. At this point, you can
create a Bluetooth bond between the headset and your
mobile phone by initiating the pairing from your
Bluetooth phone.

The packaging is very impressive
and professional looking. You can see the headset
through a big window in the top of the box. The
package also includes paper-based documentation and
an AC power adapter for charging the headset.

This diagram from the Bluetake website indicates all
the button functions and properties of the BT400 G5.

The two rubber bumps with orange
lines on them are buttons, the one between them in
the middle is a light status indicator. The volume
up and down buttons on the sides are easily
distinguishable through tactile feedback (the one
with the raised plus symbol is volume up.)

The area between the speaker piece
and the ear loop’s hinge is actually where your ear
canal is when mounted. This allows for free flowing
of outside audio without interuption. The knob where
the ear loop attaches gets mashed into the side of
your head (around the side-burn area) when pressing
the answer/end button however.

The G5 is not one of the smallest
headsets at 82mm (L) x
53mm(W) x 24mm(H)
. Click the above photo to see it’s size
compared to a Bluespoon AX, Bluespoon Digital,
Bluetake G5, Scala 500, and Frogtalk.

The Bluetake G5 is about 20g in
weight, which is quite acceptable. The mounting
method is sturdy enough that the headset won’t flop
around, and comfortable enough that you can wear it
for extended periods of time. The standby time on
it’s rechargeable Li-Polymer 120mA battery is about
250hrs with a 5hr talk time.





BT400 G5
Bluetooth Headset

Review by:
Adam Z
, Senior Editor

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The user manual included
with the Bluetake G5 explains everything you’ll need
to know about the headset. You can also find the
manual and more information on the

Bluetake website


The Bluetake
BT400 G5 headset supports the handsfree and headset bluetooth profiles
so you will need to pair with a device that also supports one of those


The biggest problem with this headset is the rubber
ridges on the outside. Two of them are buttons, but
while you’re wearing the device it’s very difficult
to figure out which ones are the buttons.  You
have to touch the tip, then count three humps back
in order to find the answer/end button. Then to
worsen matters, the answer/end button requires
significant force and is located directly over the
ear-loop twist knob which presses against your skull
when you press the button.


The Bluetake BT400 G5 sells for about $65, but it can be
found for as low as $49. Check out

to find the best price.


  • Quality
    yet average Bluetooth headset
  • Nice color
    schemes available
  • No blockage of the ear canal

  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Shaped like a fish


  • Difficult
    to feel rubber buttons with your fingers
  • Shaped
    like a fish
of Use


do these ratings mean


If you’re okay with having a fish shaped
Bluetooth headset hanging on your ear, the Bluetake
G5 is a great headset. It works well and it’s built
strong. At 20 grams it’s light enough to be
unnoticeable. In use, the range is very impressive
and works better through walls than my
Bluespoon AX.
I can leave my phone in one room while walking
around in another without loss of phone conversation
quality. The battery life is quite good as well, but
overall, the Bluetake G5 just seems like an average
Bluetooth headset.

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