ScaryBear Software’s QuickQuotes v1.6



   Today Screen display of your
favorite quotes, with a customizable schedule and
optional rotating background image.


QuickQuotes running on Today Screen

Once you’ve installed
ScaryBear Software’s QuickQuotes (which is a breeze), you will see a
new component displayed on your Today Screen.

Configuration Screen

Like most other Today
Screen applications, QuickQuotes can be configured from the "Today"
area of the "Settings" panel. QuickQuotes gives you a lot
of control over how the quotes will appear.

Text Color

Frequency of Quote Chage

Quote File Location

As you can see from the
images above, you have a great deal of control over how your quotes
are displayed.


QuickQuotes with Background Images

   Background images are optional, and none are included
with the program as provided. However the Manual does
go into detail about how to make your own images. I
should note that in the captures above and elsewhere
in this review contain my personal background images
and quote files, so don’t expect to see them in the
your directories.

Free Images courtesy of

make your own backgrounds, you just need to find an
image you like and crop/resize it to 240 pixels wide
by 100 pixels high (Landscape mode is supported, but
the images will need to be sized accordingly).
QuickQuotes supports images in 3 formats: BMP, JPG or
GIF. I chose JPG for the Pocket PC. Above are the GIF
versions of a few that I created in Photoshop (though
any graphics program should do fine).

Background Images

You can select a single image to use behind all of
your quotes, or select "Rotate Background Images" and
QuickQuotes will randomly pick an image from the
folder when the quote changes. Nice touch!

Previous Rainbow Image, Zoomed to Show Single Pixel in

One nice feature is that if you know ahead of time
what text color would work best for a given image, you
can in a sense, "program" it into the image. By using
the "Automatic" setting for text color, QuickQuotes
will look at the very first pixel of the image, and
grab that color for the text. So, if you know Yellow
will work better on a blue image, just zoom in with
your image editor, and color that single pixel Yellow.
More details on this process can be found in the
manual. I thought this was a great idea. And since it
is a single pixel, you won’t ever notice it on your
Today screen.

QuickQuotes without Clear Type

QuickQuotes with Clear Type

    Another display option worth pointing out is Clear
Type. You can choose to enable this for your quote
display or not. On my Axim X5 Clear Type always tends
to look a little blurry to me, so prefer to not use
Clear Type.

QuickQuotes without Shadow

QuickQuotes with Shadow

    Text can also have a drop-shadow if you decide to
enable it. The shadow is always black, and can’t be
configured. Personally, I always use the shadow. It
helps when you may have selected a color that doesn’t
stand out from the background image you’ve selected.

You may soon discover that you are in need of a text
file or two of quotes. To get you started, QuickQuotes
ships with one text file, and provides
a link to a few others you can add on your own (see
the manual for details).
You can, of course, include your own quote files. Some
possible subjects might include: Bart Simpson’s
Chalkboard messages, Calvin & Hobbes lines, favorite
signature file quotes, bible verses and so on.

After you have your text file, you will need to be
sure it is formatted properly for QuickQuotes. This
will have to be done on your own, as it is not a
function of QuickQuotes. Notepad should do fine. The
first line of text should be the quote, and the second
line is the credited author. So, in the case of Calvin
& Hobbes, the quote file would look like this:

To make a bad day
worse, spend it wishing for the impossible.
Calvin and Hobbes
As usual, goodness hardly puts up a fight.
Calvin and Hobbes
Sometimes one should just look at things and think
about things without doing things.
Calvin and Hobbes


Quote File

Once your quote file is ready, it must be moved to
Program FilesScaryBear SoftwareQuickQuotes. 
From this point, you can select this file from the
drop-down as your source.  QuickQuotes will then
display the file you selected, and begins to select a
new quote as you specified.

   A great
option on this same screen is "Tap Screen for Next
Quote." When you check this box, each time you tap the
QuickQuotes Today screen display, it will select a
different quote. A nice function if you want to show
off your Pocket PC and desire a specific quote to be


    There is no in-program
help, but a PDF manual is provided with the download
which is very informative and helpful. I didn’t have a
single question about the program that wasn’t covered
in appropriate detail in the manual.
ScaryBear Software also has a very active forum
which seems to be frequented by their developers and
technical staff.


No specific requirements are mentioned
on the ScaryBear website, however it does note that
QuickQuotes is Compatible with the Pocket PC 2002 and
Mobile 2003 OS devices.


    I would like the ability to have QuickQuotes rotate
randomly though all my quote files. Never knowing what
quote you would see next would add more variety to the
Today screen.

I also noticed that the program automatically inserts
a "-" (dash) between the quote and the author. Often
my quote files had no author, which would result in a
quote being displayed, followed by a dash. The author
also winds up on the same line as the quote, and I
often wished there was a line break so the author was
below the quote.

    QuickQuotes will add quotation marks before and after
your quote. So if you happen to have quotation marks
around your quotes in the text file, you now have
double. It just looks odd, and I would like to have
the ability to turn off these functions when they are
not needed.


    You can
download a 14-day demo and/or read more about
QuickQuotes on the ScaryBear product page
QuickQuotes sells for $9.95 and can be

purchased by credit card only from ScaryBear Software
via this link


  • Extremely
    customizable display
  • Uses quote
    files provided by the user
  • Keeps
    Today Screen lively and fresh


  • No way to
    randomize between quote files
  • Inserts
    dashes and quotation marks, whether needed or not


   I discovered QuickQuotes from the
pocketnow community
when I solicited suggestions for new programs
to install following a hard reset. I am very glad I did, because this
is an excellent program. The amount of customization is incredible for
a program that on the surface, appears to do a simple task. However,
as I discovered, there is a lot more under the hood of QuickQuotes that
I realized. Sure there are a few minor things I’d like to see added,
but as it stands, this is an impressive little program that really spices
up the Today Screen. And you can "quote" me on that!

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