MPx220 Blog: Day 1


Well, I got an MPx220 SmartPhone via FedEx today from Moto. I’ve been playing around with it today, trying to get it set up so that I can bounce back and forth between it, my PDA2K and my i700 and have the transitions be as smooth as possible.

SmartPhones are VERY different in actual use compared to a PPC Phone Edition device. This is going to take a bit of getting used to.

I was able to get the device connected via ActiveSync and have all 1750 Contacts, 200 Calendar records, 20 recurring Tasks, and 10 Notes synced to it now. Its charging via USB cable on top of my laptop, now.

Moto also sent me a HS820 BlueTooth headset in my review kit. That’s an interesting device… This is likely the same headset that you’ve seen featured with the Motorola MPx/ MPx300. I’ll try to have a quick article on it before too long, too.

I have the device and headset for a 2 week review period and then it has to go back to Moto. During that time, I’ll try to post a short daily blog on how things are going with it, tho, it may end up being every other day or so. Stay tuned… December is turning out to be a very interesting month!

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