pocketnow Software Giveaway: MobileNews 1.0.4


AlphaBeta Software is offering Pocketnow readers a free, full version of their brand new program MobileNews. This interesting new program brings XML news (RSS, RDF, Atom) to your Pocket PC Inbox.

From AlphaBeta:

* It synchronizes the news. Outdated news will be deleted automatically. The emails will not be accumulated.

* It directly synchronize the news. It go to the Internet and get the news directly. You can use different method to go to the Internet. but once you are connected, you can get the news.

* It removes all the html code and save the plaintext only.

* The news are saved to the Inbox. You use the inbox to view the news.

* All the hyperlinks are put to the end of the news. This can make the news more readable in a small screen.

* Since it use the Inbox to view the news. You can forward the news to your friends easily.

The program normally retails for $7.00, but just for being a pocketnow reader, you can get it for free! Download Mobile News 1.0.4 from this link. Then, to get your free registration code, just send an email to [email protected] In the subject or body, you need to specify the code “PocketNow32145” so that the support staff knows that you are a reader of pocketnow.com.

Offer Details:

* This offer is only available for 2 weeks (ends November 15th).

* Your email will be added to AlphaBeta’s mailing list. I have been assured they will not sell or distribute emails, and do not send spam. However, you will be added to a notification list for bug fixes, upgrades or other information.

* Be sure to send your device’s owner name in your email, as the registration is device specific.

* You should receive your code within 2 days.

Once again, to get MobileNews for free, simply download the software then send an email to [email protected] with the code “PocketNow32145” in the subject or body.

Thanks to AlphaBeta for making this offer available to all pocketnow readers.

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