Pocket Hack Master 2004 Released


Anton Tomov has just released Pocket Hack Master 2004. This is a complete re-write from the ground up, and is essentially, a new software product.

Thankfully, all owners of the previous release get a free upgrade to the new version. As stated by .antontomov.com in the October newsletter “we do value our loyal customers and believe we should not charge any fees for upgrading from Pocket Hack Master to Pocket Hack Master 2004.”

Product Features:

* Modular structure allowing support for multiple processors/devices

* Built-in testing and benchmarking code to filter stable and working settings only

* Powerful scaling engine, configurable in less than 30 seconds

* Application gear engine to configure application specific speeds

* Supports the PXA25x and the PXA26x processors

* Support for PXA270, SA1110 and Samsung chips under development

* New start menu meters to visualize the speed, the battery and the CPU load

Pocket Hack Master 2004 is available now for $14.95 exclusively at PocketGear, through November 5th. After that the application will also be available on Handango, and other online Pocket PC software retailers.

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