Pocket PCs – There is ALWAYS something I want more


Lately I’ve been reviewing quite a few Pocket PCs, and I came to a realization that was probably long overdue. There is ALWAYS something I want more on these devices. I have not gotten to the point yet where I’m ready to own one and only one Pocket PC or Smartphone device.

Allow me to elaborate…

When there was the big switch to Pocket PCs, the new iPAQ (then the 3600 series) were praised for its expandability (through the expansion sleeve system), its StrongArm processor which ran at an incredible 206 MHz, and USB sync interface (even though it still ran at serial speeds). But I remember not fully wanting an iPAQ because its screen was rumored to be quite poor when compared with the Casio E-115/125. As a result, I found myself never fully growing dependant on one device.

Now I have the same problem, just on a bigger scale. Just when I thought I could use the iPAQ h6300 Pocket PC Phone Edition as my exclusive Pocket PC, I started playing with Windows Mobile 2003: Second Edition on the latest Pocket PCs that have been coming out. Special Edition was what I wanted to use, so I adapted and would carry the h6300 when I needed one device, but otherwise I would carry an Axim X30 (complete with SE), and a bluetooth phone for internet.

Just as I got used to using the Axim X30, I saw the 4″ VGA goodness of the HP iPAQ hx4700. Now I find that my vision blurs if I look at anything other than a VGA device. So now I’ve really steered away from the Axim and I find myself itching to pick up the h6300 when I need wireless.

Does anyone see where I’m going? Granted, all these Pocket PCs have all the things that were on my wish list two years ago, plus a whole lot more… but can one ever be satisfied?

If you can relate, chime in to the discussion. I need a support group.

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