MyPocketSoft’s CreativeNotes v1.0



      Setup is a breeze; simply install CreativeNotes on your PDA via the PC link. No initial calibration is necessary; the program will work right out of the box.


CreativeNotes is a relatively simple program; Think Stickies or Post-It for Mac or PC, but designed for a screen the size of a single Post-It note. Basically, it allows you to create modular files of free-form text and save them anywhere in your assistant’s memory. You can choose to password-protect your notes for added security of sensitive information. The program allows you to browse all of your folders and select where to save the notes, and it will also allow you to create folders of your own. It will not, however, allow you to move pre-existing folders around; you will need File Explorer or an equivalent for that. CreativeNotes’ browser allows you to hide folders that do not contain note files, to make organization easier.


     I found this program helpful for keeping track of domestic things like what to buy on my trips to the grocery store, as well as for composing To-Do task lists for studying or maintaining my 3 bicycles. I use my Mac’s Stickies program incessantly, so CreativeNotes has been an easy and welcomed extension of my use of that program to my PDA. I do have a few complaints, though.


     Stickies and its similar programs allow the user to view multiple notes at the same time, and all of the information on each note is stored in a central location by the program itself, usually in a modified text file database. CreativeNotes, on the other hand, allows you to view only one note at a time (you must close one before opening another) and allows you to scatter your notes to the four corners of you PDA’s memory.

     It is reasonable to have only one note viewable at one time; after all, the screen isn’t large enough to accommodate any other practical setup. But you should be able to easily toggle between two or more open notes, either by a tabbed header or a drop-down menu. As it stands now, you have to close the one note, search through your memory for the other note if it is not in the same folder, and then repeat when you want to view the first note again. I find that although the ability to store notes all over the place may sound like a feature, since it allows you to create themed folders to organize your notes, I think that in the end since the note files can only be read by the program that created them, it would make more sense to give the saving logistics to the program instead of the user. The program would be more useful if it allowed several active notes to be open and accessible, while allowing the user to go back and find older archived notes and make them active when needed.



      CreativeNotes comes with a thorough and easy to use help file.


      CreativeNotes is a low-memory and low-processor use program that will run on any Pocket PC running Windows Mobile.


      As stated above, CreativeNotes should allow for easier access to multiple notes, and I think it would make things easier if saving and retrieval of archived notes was left to the program rather than the user.


  CreativeNotes is available through the Store.


  • Unique way to organize information construction

  • Easier to use than Pocket PC’s ‘Notes’

  • Supports standard Text and Background colors


  • Hard to toggle from one note to another

  • Less-than-ideal saving scheme


      For a first-version software, CreativeNotes does a great job of nailing down its basic functions. With a few revisions and interface changes, CreativeNotes will be a greatly-useful program that will complement the rest of Windows CE’s information storage.

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