Martin Fields’ Overlay Plus Screen Protector


I had heard good things of the WriteSHIELDS and I was genuinely pleased
with them. I used them for about a year on my Axim until I got a new
hp iPAQ h4155 for Christmas, 2003. Again I ordered a set of WriteSHIELDS
along with my iPAQ and again I was pleased with their performance. That
was, until I noticed the Martin Fields Overlay Plus. It promised to
be as durable, washable, and reusable as a WriteSHIELD but without the
glare-reducing matte texture. This added up to, allegedly, a screen
protector that would last the lifetime of your device but take absolutely
no brightness away from the screen (at the cost of some glare). So,
lets see if the Martin Fields perform as well as they are meant to,


   The Martin Fields Overlay Plus protectors are
pioneers in the screen protector field because of their crystal clear
attribute. They are said to provide 90% light transmittance but I found
that for me my screen seemed just as bright without the Overlay Plus
as it did with it. In other words, the 10% of light not being allowed
to transmit through the protector is unnoticeable. This is certainly
what sets the Overlay Plus apart from its counterparts. But, does it
perform well enough in other areas to replace the countless quality
screen protectors out there? In short, yes. And I’ll tell you why.


   The Martin Fields come in a plastic packaging
that includes just one protector (unless you buy the twin pack) and
a single sheet of instructions which spell out the three easy steps
to applying the Overlay Plus. I found this task to be a bit harder than
the simple instructions imply but still very self explanatory and reasonably

The only difficulty I had applying the Overlay Plus was with lint getting
stuck under the protector. In this case I would have to peel back the
protector, press a piece of scotch tape against the protector to pull
the lint off, and then reapply the protector. This was a bit frustrating
at first but I was pleased to find that I was able to apply the Overlay
Plus without getting any significant lint under it, though it took three
or four partial re applications using the lint-removal method I just
mentioned. This whole procedure really isn’t as difficult as it sounds,
especially for those who are good with their hands. While I found it
just a bit frustrating, the ambidextrous people out there will probably
find it enjoyable! (Although personally I can’t even imagine being this
way ).

Trying to peel back the Overlay Plus after it had been completely applied,
however, proved to be somewhat difficult. In the end I had to result
to using a safety pin–which I wouldn’t recommend using at home because
of the damage that can be done to the screen. Most users will be able
to find a flat, durable object which they can use to peel back the corner
of the protector.


    Now that you’ve diligently applied the protector
you’re eager to see just how well its going to work for you. Immediately
you’ll notice your screen is very bright. In fact, if you were using
a glare-reducing protector like the WriteSHIELDS before, you’ll notice
quite a large difference in the brightness of the screen. In fact, you’ll
feel like you’ve installed a new screen altogether! All in all, you’ll
be very pleased with the appearance of your screen. As for the screen’s
glare–which is the compromise one must accept for the added brightness–I
found that I was never really bothered by the glare at all. Very seldom
did I even notice any glare and when I did it was easy to readjust the
angle of the device to avoid it.

Another important aspect of a screen protector is the feel of the screen
when using the stylus for data input. You will find that with the Overlay
Plus your stylus glides smoothly across the screen–much like it would
were there no screen protector at all. The WriteSHIELDS, in comparison,
have a pen and paper-like feel to them when used with the stylus. I
much prefer the smooth glide of the Overlay Plus, however, now that
I’ve had a taste of it. I think most people will agree with me on this
point. In fact, I believe I may actually be just a bit faster with data
input now that I use the Overlay Plus.

when it comes to screen appearance as well as data entry, the Martin
Fields Overlay Plus does a heck of a job. The only other aspect I would
worry about is the durability of the protector. Will the screen protector
itself develop permanent scratches or wear? I am yet to see any kind
of scratch or wear on my Overlay Plus. I expect it to stay this way
for 4-6 months at the very least, judging by the durability of the protector.
So again the Overlay Plus seems to shine but when it comes to durability
only time will really tell. For now, however, I am very pleased!


    Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protectors
are available for most any Pocket PC or Palm device. They are also available
for several mobile phones and other devices, like the Apple iPod. For
a complete list of all supported devices, visit


    The only wish I have for the Martin Shields
Overlay Plus is that they would come with an included tool for removing
the protector once it is completely installed. This would save the user
from having to scour the home for a strong, flat object to use for peeling
the protector away from the screen. However, this is a minor complaint
and I am actually very pleased with all other aspects of the
Overlay Plus.


    The Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protector
can be purchased for $12.99 for a single pack or $24.99 for a double
pack. They can be purchased directly through the Overlay Plus web site


  • Washable
    and reusable

  • Screen
    is VERY bright

  • Surface
    is smooth and data input is easy and natural

  • Protector
    is durable and resistant to scratches or wear


  • No
    included tools for applying/removing the protector (though in some
    cases none are needed)


    Well, I must say, the Martin Fields Overlay
Plus screen protector certainly lived up to my expectations! After applying
the protector and using it I found my screen to be very bright, smooth
against the stylus, and resistant to any type of scratch or mark. What
more can you ask of a screen protector? Nothing, really. I’ve found
my new favorite screen protector and I think most users will find the
same thing in the Martin Shields Overlay Plus.

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