Samsung Announces i700 WM2003 PPC Phone Edition Update


UPDATE: I checked the MITS Developer’s Network Page again for the i700 hoping that there might be more information regarding and was met with a nasty surprise.

The note on the bottom of the page indicating that the update for the i700 would be released in Early 2004 has been removed from the page.

I feel a rant coming on…

After a lot of silence, Samsung today announced on their MITS Developer website, that Verizon will be offering a WM2003 Upgrade for their SPH-i700 Pocket PC Phone Edition device.

If you look near the bottom right of the i700 picture on that web page, you will notice a statement with a link to Verizon that says the upgrade will be made available in early 2004.

This is the communication I have been looking for. The only thing that I am worried about is that the Verizon upgrade follows the same sort of path that the T-Mobile upgrade does. It was announced months ago, and hasn’t seen the light of day. Ironically, AT&T surpised everyone a few days ago and released the WM2003 Upgrade for their Siemens SX56 PPC Phone Edition device (which BTW, seems to have disappeared from AT&T’s Web site…)

Stay tuned! I’ll be updating everyone as things progress…

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