Firmware Update for HP iPAQ 555x Available


HP has released an update to address several long-standing issues with the 555x iPAQ. SP25826 is an “XIP” update, which means it corrects these issues by changing segments of the ROM instead of loading patches into RAM. Not only does that conserve RAM space for the user, but it also means the updates won’t be lost in a hard-reset.

The fixes and enhancement contained in this latest update are as follows:


Fingerprint Software Version 3.7:

* Corrects where it allowed to select alphanumeric characters using the softkey with the “simple 4 digit PIN” option for Password.

* Corrects the 12 and 24 hours option where it could not be selected in the “Prompt if device unused for” field under Password.

Bluetooth Driver Version

* Corrects problem where system would hang when disconnecting a PAN connection via the Incoming Connection icon.

* Corrects a problem where the device needed a Normal Reset after being turned off while transferring data via SPP, for example, while connected to a Bluetooth GPS device.

* Corrects the proxy settings getting erased in the Bluetooth Settings.

* Corrects a problem when using ‘Dial via Bluetooth’ which would not accept spaces in the phone number.

Corrects an issue where the iPAQ unit does not waking up to perform a scheduled iPAQ Backup.

Restore ClearType Tuner that was removed by the previous XIP update (English and German only).


Wireless LAN Driver Version

* Improves Connectivity and Roaming ability for wireless LAN users.

Once the update is installed, the Asset Viewer will show the following:

– Wireless LAN Driver Version

– Fingerprint Software Version 3.7

– Bluetooth Driver Version

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