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Are you a gamer longing to check out the Tapwave Helix, but put off because it uses the Palm OS? Well, fear not! A Windows CE gaming device called the Gametrac is getting ready to be introduced, and it looks awesome. A gaming machine with those cool looks might be enough, but there’s a lot more.

What you may ask? Well, how about the following:

* 3D Mophun gaming (see the link for details)

* SMS text messaging (with predictive input)

* MP3 music (with remote download)

* MPEG4 video playback

* A built-in digital camera

* GPS tracking

* Bluetooth for multi-player gaming

* An MMC slot for “accessories” (I don’t know if this means SDIO, though)

The GPS is especially intereting. It allows parents to track their children on an online map (assuming the parents aren’t using the Gametrac). It also allows setting up a “fence” that will send a notification via SMS or E-mail if the user ventures into the fenced area.

There was no mention of pricing.

Do you think this looks as cool as I do? What would you pay for a device like this? Share your thoughts in the discussion.

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