MultiIE 3.0 Available


MultiIE 2.0 was a great product. You could open multiple pages in Pocket Internet Explorer, do full-screen browsing, and more. Unfortunately, it didn’t work with Windows Mobile 2003.

Well, the new MultiIE 3.0 is out, and it rocks! Here’s a list of the new features (click the Source link for a list of all features):

* Open windows in background

* Tabbed window toolbar (tabbed browsing!)

* Page loading status on window list/tabs

* Page loaded sound / go to window

* Enhanced GO button menu

(Use address text for web searches, etc)

* Quick URL builder menu

(Never type again!)

* Screen drag with stylus

* Quick full screen toggle button

(Triangular button in bottom right of screen)

* Keep backlight on

* Screen rotation without rebooting

(requires NYDITOT Virtual Display)

* Dynamically optimise page for PDA

(requires Skweezer)

* Save images

* Scroll screen line by line

* Set image as today background

* Open blank new window from menu

* View image comment text

* Auto hide address bar in full screen

* Close window button (Windows Mobile 2003 only)

* Common IE related registry tweaks

The best news is that the upgrade is currently FREE for previous users.

About the only thing it doesn’t have that I’d like is a Search capability. I can view the source and search there, but that’s inconvenient and doesn’t show the formatted page.

I think this is an awesome upgrade. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the discussion.

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