eHolster Personal Electronics Case System


    The eHolster Case System from
is an interesting family of straps and cases
to hold your PDA, Phone, Camera or any other digital device you can
think of. First off, let me say that this is the first piece of PDA
gear that required me to read the instructions and put some thought
into assembling it. From the photos you can see that its not readily
apparent how this gaggle of pouches and harnesses snaps together. But,
I don’t want to get ahead of myself. This review will cover the "e-Uro
Case System", a shoulder case and the "e-Zio Case System",
the harness case.




configurable solution for protecting and carrying your electronic devices
and accessories. Very easy to snap modules in and out.

eHolster is billed
as a "Case System", meaning it has a modular design for the
cases and pouches that attach to the various straps.  Both eHolster
designs allow you to add and subtract modules/cases depending on your
particular need.  After researching the eHolster on their site
and getting past the marketing blurbs, you can really begin to appreciate
the utility of it.  Once I looked at the included instructions
and the website I began to see the benefits of the eHolster system. 
I spent a full week wearing both types of eHolster, trying to gauge
the functionality and usefulness of each eHolster configuration. 
But, before I get any further into the eHolster I have to mention its
aesthetics or geek factor if you will, it’s very high.

the photos below and tell me the first thing that would come to your
mind if you saw me walking about with either the e-Uro or e-Zio strapped
on. Well let me tell you what my reaction would be, "Hey honey,
check out the geek harnessed into a Pocket Protector", and that’s
coming from me, a hardcore gadget geek!  That’s exactly what my
wife thought of me when snapping the photos below.


getting through the initial setup of the
and giving it a week of use I finally started to come around
on the functionality of the eHolster
More so for the e-Zio, it’s more secure to wear than the shoulder strap
e-Uro has.  It doesn’t slide around as much and I wasn’t constantly
having to heave it back into position on my shoulder.  Don’t get
me wrong the e-Zio isn’t all that bad, they both have soft neoprene
like non-skid material on the shoulder straps.


eHolsters sport a series of little loops along the inside of the straps
so that you can run headphones or a hands-free earplug from the device
to your ear.  I’m always pleased when companies engineer little
extras in like this, it show attention to detail and savvy.  They
also adjust to many body types, so no problem there.  I believe
the e-Zio is better worn under a jacket of some sort, while the e-Uro
works better for general wear with any type of clothing.



eHolster came with excellent instructions that were clear and easy to
follow. They had to be, seeing as I had no idea on what to do with it
unassembled, in fact I tried to assemble the pieces without them and
got the e-Zio setup wrong.  The instructions could use some pictures
demonstrating the proper wear of the product, that’s just a niggle though,
most people will order from and see pictures of people
wearing it.  The site is an excellent resource for all of the eHolster

eHolster site
also has a wealth of information about the product. It covers how to
wear and care for it, a virtual fitting room that list the devices the
eHolster can hold along with the recommend case for the device. 
A very comprehensive FAQ is also available on the site.


There’s a choice of material, leather or nylon, not to mention the amount
of pouch modules to snap on.  They have cases available for PDA’s,
Camera’s, Phones and Handheld Computers. 

A torso :)


I would
really be nice to see them make modules custom fit for some of the more
popular PDA’s, a pouch for flip-phones would be good also.  It
would also be nice to have a strap available to go around your waste
when wearing the e-Uro, it would stop it from moving too much.


with anything this configurable, there are plenty pricing options, they
depend entirely on the options you choose.  A basic nylon e-Uro
Shoulder system with a single PDA pouch can be had for under $40, comparable
to most popular belt clip PDA cases.  The e-Zio harness strap alone
can be had for under $30.  The beautiful thing about these setups
is that they’re interchangeable.  The e-Uro with two pouches can
easy be snapped onto an e-Zio harness with minimal effort.  I won’t
list all the pricing options as there are so many, please check out
eHolster’s excellent


access to the ‘pouched’ devices.

and adjustable to any body type

bit obtrusive to wear at first

e-Uro slides around a bit on the shoulder


the eHolster Case
Systems are high quality and very well stitched and should prove very
durable.  After spending some time with both eHolsters
I have to admit that I did a total reversal on my review.  When
I first received an email asking if I would review the eHolster, I have
to admit after visiting the website, I had already made up my mind that
it was the geekiest setup I had ever seen.  However after spending
a little time with it, I have to say I am thoroughly impressed by this
product.  It is top-notch and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend
it to anyone, even cool people!  I believe there’s a use for both
types of eHolster, I would suggest purchasing both.  I would initially
go for the e-Uro along with a PDA and Cell Phone pouch, then buy the
e-Zio strap to swap the with when the need arises.  The eHolster
is a quality product from a quality company.

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