Accepting Invitations on Your Pocket PC



I find this just a bit irritating.

I use my Pocket PC both in and out of the office. I have no less than 4 PPC’s and if I could get a PPC-PE from Samsung, and still use all of my iPAQ accessories, I probably would. But that’s another rant for another time…

Someone sent me an Meeting Request today. I was answering mail in Inbox on my 5455 with WM2003 when I got the new message. Meeting Requests still appear as any other text message in Inbox. All you can do is open the message. You can’t accept the meeting and add it to your calendar, or reject it, or anything else.

What a stupid development!

Why after more than three and a half years and three incarnations of Pocket PC OS (including one on a completely new platform…CE.Net) can’t I appropriately respond to an invitation in Inbox?

I understand that the A in PDA stands for Assistant, but this is ridiculous. With the introduction of a new OS, Microsoft should have thought this through a bit more. There are still basic things that I cannot do on my PPC that I should be able to do without the intervention of my desktop PC. This is one of them.

If there are any PPC developers out there that can write a plug in for Inbox, or for @Mail, or Calendar… that will enable this kind of ability, I’d gladly pay you Tuesday.


Let’s sound off a bit, people. What’s missing in WM2003 that should have been included in the new OS? Maybe we can get Microsoft to add them in any EUU that comes out for WM2003. If enough of us demand the features, then perhaps we’ll get the extra value that should have been included in the original price of the device.

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