Applian Software’s WebSync v1.03



    Microsoft’s ActiveSync

is a powerful synchronization tool when you have all

the information to be converted stored locally. What

happens, however, when you want to do a remote

File Synchronization, where the files are on a website,

for example. Up until now, the only real solutions

have been costly commercial products. Applian Software

has come to the rescue with a freeware product: WebSync.

It allows you to perform Internet synch’s of numerous

files in one shot. Is the product worthwhile?


   Just run WebSyncSetup.exe from

your desktop, and the little application is installed.

You’ll find a shortcut on your desktop as well as

a Start Menu group with the application and uninstall




I’ll be straight with you: WebSync is a pretty basic

application, but if it fits a need of yours, it will

save you a great deal of time. Launch the program

by Start–WebSync–WebSync.exe.


sure you enter a valid e-mail when you download

WebSync, or you’ll never receive the registration

code needed to unlock the software.


is your main menu. From here you can add, edit, and

delete items to be synchronized. To add an entry,

click "Add Item."


stuff here. Just add a name for the synch settings,

enter a URL to either your server (especially useful

if you run host your own website that you can upload

files to; you can point to either a single file or

a folder. Type in the file name to be used when the

file is downloaded and then copied to your handheld.

Specify a new path if you’re dissatisfied with My

Documents as the source (like if you want to use a

Storage Card every time). You can choose whether you

want to download the file(s) all the time, or only

if their have been modifications to the file(s). Click

"OK" to save your entry.


adding several items, you’ll begin to notice that

manually downloading and synching the entries would

take quite a while! To do a batch update, click "Update



files will be dropped onto your Pocket PC without

any signs of activity. If you launch File Explorer,

you’ll see the files have been placed/updated in the

My Documents folder. Neat! Click the "Reset

All" button to force download all entries in

case you damaged the local copy of one document.


cool here is the possibility to synchronization nifty

content, such as Today banners and desktop skins.

Check out the WebSync

page for some neat ideas and links to websites

who do weekly refresh of Pocket PC images and skins.


    No help documents are

included, which doesn’t surprise me since you need

only to click a few buttons to fully utilize the program.

Applian has created a small FAQ

page for WebSync users, and you can send an e-mail

to the support department if you have questions.


    WebSync requires a desktop

PC with ActiveSync installed and a paltry 250 kb of

hard drive space on the desktop. No Pocket PC component

is installed. The program runs on any Pocket PC, although

I am not sure why handheld PCs couldn’t be supported,

since they use ActiveSync, which acts as the desktop–>CE

communication route.




be careful in making too many demands, since this

is freeware, and Applian was kind enough to release

a free version of an often sought-after commercial

application. It would be nice to be able to schedule

automatic Web Synchronizations (perhaps each time

ActiveSync is active).




your free copy of WebSync today at Applian’s

WebSync page. For institution clients, Applian

charges $9.95 per seat for synchronizations. Details

can be found here.


  • Manual web

    synching is a thing of the past!

  • Synch off

    of your server

  • It’s free!


  • No automatic




   Lots of people actively seek

intuitive ways to keep their Pocket PC up-to-date–Applian

recommends doing Web Synchronizations, and after using

WebSync, so do I!


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