SoC design will lead to better PDA graphics!


Elad Yakobowicz, Senior News Editor – Source: Forum
E-inSite has an incredible article about NeoMagic’s MiMagic chip. It seems the future of handheld graphics lies with system-on-chip (SoC) designs. For those of you not completely sure what SoC is, Alexander Wolfe at has a well written article explaining a lot.
The new MiMagic chips from NeoMagic combine a 32-bit RISC processor, embedded DRAM, USB host controller and peripherals on a single chip that includes support for graphics, audio, and video capabilities.
A MIPS32 4Kc core allows the chip to have a graphics engine which in return will speed up document viewing, image loading, and will take a lot of multimedia processing and system refreshing off the CPU.
A wide range of color display resolution allows for a variety of PDA screens to choose from. “The NMS7040 also provides the analog circuitry needed to accept touch screen inputs. Other display features include up to 24 bits of data per pixel, color LCD driver, NTSC/PAL/SECAM video output, and external CRT monitor connection.”
Featuring 3D acceleration, the NMS7041 chip incorporates a 3D set-up engine and rendering pipeline that reportedly can pump out up to 50M pixels per second. The NMS7041 also features a DMA engine that offers support for 3D-texture transfers to/from embedded DRAM, as well as vertex buffers that accelerate the movement and manipulation of data. Other enhanced graphics features include a 16-bit Z buffer for depth processing, perspective correct texture and MIP mapping for sharp graphics, flat and Gouraud shading for action effects and double buffering to prevent image tearing. In addition, the PDA-enabling SoC offers support for bilinear and tri-linear filtering, source alpha blending, 4-/8-bit palletized and non-palletized textures, Z and color rectangular clipping, vertex fog, specular highlight, texture blending and color dithering.
More information can be found at the insite article.

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